Completely safe with SOC-as-a-Service

SOC-as-a-Service (Managed SOC) makes sure your organisation is monitored 24/7, in order to trace any data security incidents. The Security Operations Centre is, thanks to the collaboration with Thales Nederland, accessible for every type of organisation.

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What is SOC-as-a-Service

SOC as a Service is a managed security operations centre we have developed in collaboration with Thales Nederland. Thales’ Security Operations Centre is specifically focussed on the detection of possible threats within company networks, varying from hackers and malware to employees who, whether or not consciously, are attempting to access confidential information which they are not meant to see. The high quality SOC is accessible to every organisation in need of bringing their security up to a higher level thanks to this collaboration with Thales Nederland’s cybersecurity division and Previder.

Advantages of Managed SOC at Previder

SOC instantly operational

Previder allows for Thales Nederland’s high quality SOC to be instantly implemented from the cloud. In means your Security Operations Centre will be operational before you know it.

Utilize expertise 

SOC-as-a-service will allow you to utilise the knowledge of 1500 Thales cyber experts. The organisation is constantly monitored for vulnerabilities, which are remotely resolved by specialists as and when required.

Next-level prevention 

SOC is designed to create a high quality security level for organisations. SOC is even suitable for ABDO, the Dutch requirements for military operations.

Continuous protection 

The Security Operations Centre actively monitors and protects the ICT infrastructure and signals any suspicious activities and potential threats.

Insight in all activities within your network 

Many organisations assume securing the network infrastructure from external dangers is sufficient. For example, with the Next Generation Firewall, Web Application Firewall and anti-spam/virus with Deep lnspection/lntrusion intelligence are expected to optimally secure the infrastructures. But what if the danger comes from the inside? For instance, botnets which have accidentally slipped through security via an employee’s USB-stick or a contaminated email. GDPR compliancy is in immediate danger with these sorts of risks of data-leaks.

More information on SOC

SOC staffed with IT-security experts

The SOC is staffed by Thales’ experts. Thales is one of the biggest and most advanced suppliers of cybersecurity services worldwide and also offers SOC's outside of the Netherlands, for example in France, the UK , Canada and Hong Kong. High quality SOC is now available to a larger scale of organisations thanks to the collaboration between the Thales’ cybersecurity division and Previder. 

SOC is ISO 270012013 and NEN 7510:2011 certified and meets the highest standards in terms of data security. Confidentiality of incidents and data is therefore always guaranteed.
Managed SOC

Instantly available from the Cloud

Previder’s laas customers can order the SOC services online. Your virtual machines will be monitored for outside intruders at a fixed low cost. The service generates an immediate message when a virtual machine gets infected. A monthly report will be generated with an overview of all messages and risks, and, where necessary, advice will be given.

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What type of SOC as a Service suits your organisation?

The SOC as a Service possibilities are summarised in this decision aid

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