IaaS for Company Critical Applications

The Previder IaaS platform is specially designed to host company critical applications, with key properties such as High Performance and High Availability. Infrastructure as a Service is being hosted in our Dutch datacentres

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    What is Previder IaaS?

    Previder IaaS is infrastructure specifically intented to host company critical applications which can be managed via a user-friendly portal. This infrastructure is being hosted in our Twin Datacenter in order to maintain maximal reliability. De environment has achieved the important certifications such as ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO14001 and NEN7510. These certifications are necessary for clients in various sectors which need to work with privacy sensitive and financial information.

    Infrastructure as a Service with high availability

    In order to ensure optimal availability and achievements of company critical performance, we have made a high-class datacentre infrastructure which is designed on the basis of VMware, NetApp and Dell. Because of the usage of Full-SSD storage and real-time replication between two datacentres, the availability of the applications is guaranteed.

    Entry IaaS

    General application

    • 8 Configurations
    • Pay per Use
    • available from ~ €0.01 per hour


    Express IaaS

    Web- and application hosting

    • High availability
    • Full-SSD
    • < 1000 IOPS
    • Snapshot


    Performance IaaS

    Web- and Application hosting

    • High availability
    • Full-SSD
    • <6000 IOPS
    • Snapshot


    Premium IaaS

    Business application hosting

    • Real-time repliction
    • SLA 99.95%
    • <6000 IOPS
    • Snapshot


    Launch IaaS from the Previder Portal

    Infrastructure as a Service is hosted in our Dutch datacentres and offers a user-friendly portal in which you can manage your servers in a flexible manner. Via the Previder Portal the following actions can be executed:

    • Creating, changing and deleting of Virtual Machines
    • Starting and stopping Virtual Machines
    • Access to Console
    • Creating and changing networks and VLANs 
    • Granting and managing rights within the infrastructure

    Reliable IaaS for Company Critical Applications

    Start today and receive 100,- starting credit

    Set up IaaS account

    • Managing and configuring your own virtual servers
    • 100% Dutch datacentres
    • Fast SSD-storage
    • Daily snapshot included


    Which IaaS organisation is tailor-made for you?

    Entry Express Performance Premium

    Hosting & General Applications

    Web & Application hosting

    Database hosting

    Company critical hosting


    Max. IOPS 250 1000 6000 6000
    Availability(SLA) Best effort 99.8% 99.8% 99.95%
    Guarantee IOPS & latency Best effort



    Choice vCPU, RAM, storage Fixed configuration Free Free Free
    Type storage NetApp NetApp SSD NetApp SSD NetApp SSD
    Amount of datacenters 1 1 1 2
    Choice of datacenter

    Manual snapshots 1 3 3 3
    Isolated- & Cloud VLAN's 1 8 8 8

    Subscription(additional benefit)

    API operation

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    Show less

    Security services directly from the cloud

    For clients of Previder IaaS, the high-quality SOC service can be ordered easily online. For a low amount of money the virtual machines are checked for intruders throughout the year. This service generates a message whenever a Virtual Machine is infected. A monthly report is being processed with an overview of all notifications. The report consists of a clear explanation regarding the notifications and risks and gives advise when necessary.

    Why would you choose IaaS of Previder?

    Take advantage of Professional Support

    Whenever you contact us, your complaint is directly handled by someone who understands the business and can help you on your way

    Keep control over your Cloud-infrastructure

    With Previder Infrastructure as a Service you maintain the freedom to couple with other cloudplatforms

    Safe and reliable Cloudhosting

    Take advantage of a safe and solid cloud with an availability guarantee of 99.99%

    Manage everything from one portal

    With Previder IaaS a clever dashboard is available to you in which you can manage your whole infrastructure.

    “Previder delivers us a safe and sizable platform with which Heutink ICT is building the future of education”.

    Rogier Borggreve

    Managing Director - Heutink ICT


    What to know more about Previder IaaS?

    Do you still have questions, do you want some advise without obligations or do you want previder to manage your virtual servers? Contact us via the contact form below.

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