Quality Assurance

Quality is part of our DNA. This is evident in the way we work, in our certificates and in our people. We promise to quickly turn your challenge into the best possible solution and to support you during the entire process. This is what we do, day in day out, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is round-the-clock security in the datacenters and a team is on hand to carry out your instructions.


The data centres are equipped for optimum round-the-clock security. Advanced fire extinguishing methods and state-of-the-art surveillance provide a secure IT environment all year round.


The data centres are furnished with meeting rooms, practical work rooms and lounge areas. These facilities are available for use by all Previder customers.


Our data centres are equipped with energy-efficient free-to-air cooling that provides a stable temperature and humidity level.

Optimal Continuity 

The power supplies in Previder’s data centres are geared towards optimum continuity. We use 100% green energy and have our own solar farm. This and the cheap cost of electricity guarantee a low price.


Previder has a total power supply up to 16 Megawatt and 8000 m2 floor space. The datacenters are designed to ensure the best possible uptime while maximizing energy efficiency with a PUE of 1.16. The datacenters are well connected and fully equipped office space is available at the sites. Our sites are located up to 19 meters above sea level, so "dry feet" in case of flooding is guaranteed!

PDC-1 Specifications

  • 8 Seperated Halls
  • Surface Area: 10.000M2
  • Power Feed: 64 Ampere per Rack
  • Power Supply: 10 Megawatt
  • Racks: 270 per Hall
  • Anti-static Floor and Raised floor up to 2.1M

  • PDC-2 Specifications

    • 4 Seperated Rooms
    • Surface Area: 2.500M2
    • Power Feed: 64 Ampere per Rack
    • Power Supply: 6 Megawatt
    • Racks: 216 per Hall
    • Anti-static Floor and Raised floor up to 1M
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