Low latency

Because of Previder's unique location in Europe, latency is only 1 millisecond to both Exchanges. This is a unique feature since you only need one datacenter instead of two in each location.


Carriers are accessible through Previder datacenters or have their fiber optic networks in the immediate vicinity of our datacenters. Fiber optic cables enter our datacenters via geographically-separated routes. Leading Ethernet, MPLS, IP-transit and optical networking providers are available in our datacenters. A complete list of carriers is available on request.


To access the internet you can use the redundant IP network for a reliable connection. The internet feed is available in bandwidths up to 10 Gbps.

End user connectivity

Previder offers connectivity between its datacenters and almost all locations in the Netherlands, using fiber, copper lines (xDSL) and wireless.

Our internet exchanges*

AMS-IX (1899 Gbps)
DE-CIX (1743 Gbps)
LINX (1642 Gbps)
NL-IX (365 Gbps)
More to come!
* Avg. Throughput