Cloud Exchange

All major cloud platforms can be directly accessed from Previder’s data centres:

The Previder ExpressRoute connection provides you with a fast, reliable and direct connection between Previder’s data centres and Azure.

Previder’s data centres are connected to Amazon Web Services via Amazon Direct Connect.


Previder’s data centres are carrier-neutral. The main carriers have an in-house presence in both data centres (PDC1 and PDC2). Connectivity with other carriers can easily be established via the dark fibre backbone to other data centres belonging to providers such as Equinix, InterXion and Nikhef.

End user connectivity

The Netherlands is one of the most wired countries in the world. Broadband internet is available at virtually any location via fibre optic connections or copper connections such as VDSL. Previder is directly connected to KPN and Tele2, the main fibre optic and copper networks in the Netherlands, and is also connected to business fibre optic connections from Eurofiber, Relined and Ziggo/Vodafone as well as local fibre optic networks. Foreign branches can be accessed via various partners such as Level3, KPN, BICS and Custom Connect.

IP transit

Previder offers excellent internet connectivity via its own network. Traffic is exchanged locally with other networks (peering) via the main internet exchange points (AMS-IX, DE-CIX, NLIX, NDIX and AS-IX). On an international level, traffic is purchased from various transit providers via the shortest possible routes.