The cloud platform for Software developers

Software developers want to spend their precious time on one task only: developing high end applications. Stop with updates, maintenance and management of the underlying infrastructure. Get to know our Managed Cloud platform: Previder PaaS+. Platform as a Service can easily become complicated. Curious how PaaS works exactly? Take a look at our introductory blog on Platform as a Service: what is Platform as a Service?

Get to work with an easy set-up; Add-ons, Plug-ins & Docker-images

You can roll out your application onto the fully redundant, powerful and scalable cloud platform almost immediately with Previder’s Platform as a Service. Choose the required configuration and install all the variant add-ons and plugins with just a few clicks. Paas+ works with every Java-, Ruby Node.js- or Python application and will also effortlessly work with Docker-images and Kubernetes clusters. In addition, Previder’s managed cloud will offer you access to a broad range of apps and database choices, making sure you can almost immediately get started on your own work.

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Discover the advantages of Previder PaaS+

Save an average of 30% on costs due to the scalable platform

  • Save time and money on managed infrastructure
  • PaaS automatically scales in line with your needs
  • Ideal for alternating workload in your environment
  • Pay only for actual use
  • Less risk on downtime due to automatic sealing at peaks

What can you do with Previder PaaS+?

Automatic up- and downgrading

Paas+ automatically scales in line with your needs like no other platform. You therefore won’t need to worry about your environment’s capacity. This will save a great deal of time and money. The unique aspect of the platform is the automated vertical and horizontal sealing within the boundaries. In addition, the traffic is equally divided across multiple institutions by means of load balancing.

Unwind software in every desired language

Easily create your own workspace in your desired language. Your space will be online in a matter of minutes with the help of automated systems. Previder’s Paas+ supports all popular stacks. This will allow you to implement Java-. PHP-, Ruby-. Node.js-.. NET - and Python applications with GIT, Docker and SVN archives or integrated plug-ins such as Maven. Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans and lntelliJ IDEA.

Manage everything from one portal

You no longer need to find out how to manage complex environments. The intuitive dashboard will make life easy for you. This dashboard will allow you to easily create, instaIl and scale new environments. Previder’s Paas+ will give you access to a Management Dashboard, a Deployment Manager, access to log and configuration files, collaboration functionality and integration with CI/CD-tools.

Plan a meeting with one of our consultants

On-demand PaaS+ session

For Developers

On demand – Technical Session

This on-demand session will provide you with an extensive tour of the platform, during which the technical functions and possibilities are discussed. There will be plenty of time for your own questions too.

Plan Session

For managers/team leads

On Demand – Strategic Session

You will be coupled up with a business consultant during this on-demand session, who understands how to convert strategy challenges into technical and practical solutions.

Plan Session

The Advantages of PaaS at Previder

Purely focus on the code, not on the infrastructure

Instantly start developing and let Previder handle the overall infrastructure.

Take advantage of professional support

Immediately speak to a professional who understands the business and can help you on your way.

Take the reigns in terms of infrastructure

You keep the freedom to couple with other cloud platforms with Previder’s Paas+.

Certainty in performance, uptime and security

Previder’s Paas+ will allow you to take advantage of the highest possible standards.

Make your Cloud application even safer

NEN7510, ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO 27018 and SOC 2 certified

Protecting data is of essential importance to software developers. Your infrastructure will meet the highest safety standards when you opt for Previder’s Managed Cloud Platform. We are proud to have been NEN 7510, IS027001, IS027017, IS027018 and SOC2 certified. These certifications allow us to guarantee the integrity and responsibility of customer data. Previder’s Paas+ uses our own Twin data centre on Dutch soil. This means we can offer clear guarantees in terms of stability, performance and safety. 

Additional security services.

Just protecting the cloud infrastructure is not enough for a completely safe environment. Use safe and additional services, especially produced for SaaS applications. Applications such as SOC-as-a­service, Web Application Firewall and DD oS protection.

PaaS+: free trial of 30 days

Start with Previder Paas+ now and discover the advantages

Try PaaS+ 30 days for free

  • Unlimited amount of users
  • No credit card required
  • 30-days complete functionality
  • Start within 1 minute
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