One of the biggest advantages of the cloud is the ‘pay-per-use’-promise. This promise is often held, because you are in control over the costs and you are not bound to contracts any longer. There is just own downside to this promise, because very often you pay for resources that are not of use to you. That is now history thanks to PaaS+. You only pay for the resources which you use.

What does that mean?

When you add virtual machines of a cloud supplier, you have the option of size. The challenge is to find the right one which can keep up with the load, and can expand when the capacity needs to be increased. The choice is therefore important because you cannot order a virtual machine that exactly matches your demands. This results in a higher capacity than necessary, which means you always overpay.

If your infrastructure also needs horizontal upscaling – which means that more virtual machines are added – the problem gets even worse. The result is multiple virtual machines with unused capacity. Furthermore, the efficiency of this process is not ideal.

There are providers which provide a scaling factor, but only manually, and no one will do this throughout the day to set the scale every time you use the service. Luckily there is a solution.

The Solution

Previder PaaS+, our managed cloudplatform, provides the opportunity of autoscaling the platform. This means that your platform is automatically scaled horizontally and vertically. This implies that resources can be added whenever an application asks for it. When the resources are not longer use, it automatically scales down. In this way you pay for the resources used without compromising performance. The only thing you should do is set the boundaries.

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