High quality. Low pricing. It almost seems too good to be true. But it really isn't. Find out the reasons for our low cost down below.

Location and Price

In the last couple of years Previder has developed IT-technology within the core of the two most important digital intersections of Europe. The value for money our datacenters provide is simply unmatched. The tariffs of Previder for a private rack, corridor or suite are highly competitive in the industry. Furthermore, our datacenters are carrier-neutral. This means that you are free to choose from all network providers. We also deliver connections for the most important infrastructure suppliers of the Netherlands. Our datacenters use 100% green energy and the latest technology to achieve a minimal energy loss. 

Previder Data Centers
our smart pricing model

Smart pricing datacenter facilities

Ideal location

Previder is located outside the main city of Amsterdam. As a result, the costs of acquiring land to build a datacenter are much lower. The operating costs are also lower due to the availability of power and lower overall costs of the region.

Datacenter location

Room for your servers

The recently built Previder datacenters are large and offer more than enough available space. Is your need for space not met by our current sites? No worries, we have lots of expansion possibilities. Because of this flexible and efficient set-up of our datacenters, we can offer low prices. And you can rest assured, we won’t double our prices after we’ve filled up the datacenters!

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Efficient and sustainable energy

The datacenters are equipped with state-of-the-art cooling and power facilities which use a minimum of power. Heat that is generated in the datacenter is re-used for warming the nearby office buildings. As a result, the PUE can be as low as 1.16! Furthermore the kWh price in the region where Previder is located, is relatively low.

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