The Netherlands is one of the leading countries for digital infrastructure. The main reasons for the Netherlands' leading role in the datacenter world will be clear after reading our page. 

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Because of our unique placement and connections with AMS-IX and DE-CIX our latency in Europe is minimal. Previder's data centers are located close to Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam. This makes our data centers really accessible and interesting for all IT-Organization and customers located within Europe. All the leading cloud platforms are accessible within the Previder data centers. This makes us a carrier-neutral and cloud-neutral data center. Connectivity with remaining carriers is easy to implement with the backbone to other data centers from Equinix, InterXion and Nikhef. 

Your data is secure in our data centers. It's built on our own terrain and under Dutch law, which is leading on the subject of data security and protection.

Reasons to choose Previder

  • The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is the largest Internet Exchange worldwide
  • The Netherlands is extremely well connected to the internet
  • Its central position ensures the lowest pan-European latencies
  • The Previder datacenters are located >14 meters above sea level
  • Power with enough capacity is available and the reliability is high

  • Energy prices are favorable
  • The country ranks second in the world in terms of high local broadband penetration and average connection speed
  • It is centrally located and offers good accessibility (Amsterdam Schiphol airport)
  • Economically and politically stable with a focus on international trade. Laws, regulations and tax climate are favorable
  • Highly-educated, English-speaking workforce.


ConnectivityEnergy price Economic climate World Risk Index
Londen ++ 0.183 + 3.54%
Amsterdam ++ 0.159 ++ 8.24%
Frankfurt ++ 0.289 ++ 2.95%
Paris + 0.171 ++ 2.62%
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