Reggefiber, the Dutch market leader in fibre glass connections, is an ambitious company with an equally ambitious mission. This company based in Rijssen, Twente, eventually wants to connect all households in the Netherlands with the fastest broadband network in the world. Up until now, they have already taken several very important steps on their way to achieving this goal. Reggefiber's success is mainly due to its clear project-based way of working and its local approach with a particular focus on providing a good service. It's no surprise that an increasing number of service providers consider Reggefiber's fibre glass network to be the ideal vehicle for offering their services to consumers and companies.

Contingency plan

It goes without saying that the reputation of a service-oriented organisation like Reggefiber stands or falls with the reliability of the services it delivers. A malfunction or other unexpected interruption to business operations can quickly have far-reaching consequences. For that reason alone, it is important to have a contingency plan ready to guarantee the continuity of the services in unforeseen circumstances. And Previder plays a prominent role in this contingency plan.

"Reggefiber chose Previder because of the technical quality of its data centre and the facilities available in the building"

- Everhard Wienke, Development Manager at Reggefiber

Two components

Reggefiber's primary IT infrastructure, which is critical for the company's business processes, can be found at Reggefiber's main premises in Rijssen. The business processes mentioned actually encompass two main components. Firstly, there is a core team of employees tasked with identifying and resolving incidents, dealing with deliveries, and other day-to-day activities. Secondly, of course, you have the IT systems that together make up the technological driving force behind the services offered.

Total package

With a view to minimising the potential damage that could happen to the main site as a result of unexpected calamities, Reggefiber went in search of a partner who could ensure that all the data and most essential applications could be brought back into operation as quickly as possible. They found three data centres within a certain radius around Rijssen that offered the required capacity. Of the three centres, Previder was eventually chosen for the main reason that it could offer a total package that went a considerable way further than the capabilities offered by the competition. Everhard Wienke, Development Manager at Reggefiber, explains: "Reggefiber chose Previder because of the technical quality of the data centre and the facilities available in the building. It is essential for our organisation to be able to rely on a good fallback option in the event of a calamity. If a disaster should happen, the organisation must be up and running again in the shortest time possible. This is why we went with Previder."

Products/services supplied

Staff fallback facility
  • 12 workplaces (incl. UTP cabling, landline telephone connection, telephony)
  • Cabinet space for 12 people for cables, roadmaps and laptops for the duration of the emergency
  • Connectivity to technical fallback system in data centre
  • 5 racks (16 or 32 Ampere) in Previder's data centre for hosting IT environment
Fallback IT infrastructure
  • 5 racks (16 or 32 Ampere) in Previder's data centre for hosting IT environment

Up and running again in no time

A fallback location has been set up at Previder for both Reggefiber's IT infrastructure and its core team. Strict rules have been drawn up for the infrastructure with regard to access to and the availability of the cabinets, systems, cabling (such as a redundant fibre glass connection, separate power feed, normal and emergency power supplies etc.) and the IT systems to be used. Twelve or more workspaces are immediately available in a separate room that can be closed off for use by Reggefiber. Each workspace has a landline telephone connection, a telephone and a network connection. In addition, there is sufficient cabinet space for the employees. In the event of a calamity, the core team can get to work within four hours of reporting the emergency, regardless of the day or time at which the report is made. This total solution offered by Previder more than meets the requirements drawn up by Reggefiber.

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