Shock Media

Shock Media is a specialist in managed hosting. The company provides businesses and other organisations with hosted environments – ranging from simple to highly complex – and subsequently ensures that these continue to operate without problems. In addition, Shock Media provides a high degree of expertise, firm guarantees and fast support, 24 hours a day. Shock Media's clientele includes a wide range of organisations, ranging from Independer to

Active role

Shock Media's main strength is to offer fully-managed environments, according to its director, Alain Götz: "Our customers are organisations who consider it important for their website and all associated online activities to remain online at all times, without them having to keep on monitoring them. We offer solutions that are fast, secure and scalable, and the assurance that everything is well taken care of. As a service provider, we take on a very active role. We monitor our solutions continuously and generate useful information, reports and statistics that we can offer our customers in real time. Updates are rolled out immediately as soon as they become available, rather than us waiting for the right time to suit us. And we offer high guarantees. Even with our cheapest SLA, customers receive assistance within the hour, 24 hours a day."

"They have fulfilled everything they promised us from the start."

- Alain Götz, Director of Shock Media

Choice for Previder

Shock Media does as much of its management as it can, only calling on the services of companies that specialise in physical data centre environments. Previder is one of the two parties with whom Shock Media collaborates in this regard. It was a carefully considered choice, Alain Götz tells us emphatically: "We certainly didn't rush into a decision and looked at what several different parties had to offer. What particularly attracted us to Previder is that they use state-of-the-art technologies in power supply, climate control, networking and security. They also have two data centres in two different locations. This gives us the opportunity to split our resources and the assurance of having a fallback centre at all times."

Products/services supplied

  • Multihomed Internet feed with own BGP-AS
  • Colocation in both data centres
  • Including redundant underlying connections 

Extremely satisfied

"Previder only provides us with data centre services. They arrange the rack space, scalability, emergency power and so on, and make sure that everything runs. We are very pleased with the way they do things. They have fulfilled everything they promised us from the start. We have never experienced a power failure or another problem that could be attributed to them. We don't really have much contact with them in our day-to-day business, which is a good sign as it means there are no problems. We therefore intend to further build on our collaboration with Previder in future."

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