ITwoon is an IT service provider that is dedicated to solving the IT issues of housing corporations. The company has in-depth knowledge of the applications, procedures and processes that are commonly used within this particular sector. This distinct specialism gives ITwoon quite a unique position in the Dutch market.

Moving DTA and fallback environment to Previder

One of ITwoon's regular clients is the Twente-based corporation Domijn, which has branches in Enschede, Haaksbergen and Losser. In 2014, the decision was made to radically update Domijn's complete ICT infrastructure, explains Serge Szrama who, as Application Consultant at ITwoon, also regularly takes on the task of project manager. "Domijn's production environment has been in an external data centre since 2009. In addition, Domijn also has a DTA environment* and a fallback environment in its own server room. However, the server room dated back to 2004 and had become outdated. It was decided at the end of 2014 to replace virtually all the hardware, both the production environment in the data centre and the environments that were still in operation at Domijn's own premises. We also wanted to place the latter in a data centre. In the end, we decided not to use our existing data centre partner but, instead, opted for Previder."

"Everything is now connected to TReNT's fibre glass ring. This normally takes a number of weeks to complete, but Previder was able to get things done quickly."

- Serge Szrama, Application Consultant at ITwoon

A high degree of flexibility

The reason why ITwoon chose a second partner was only partly due to its wish to purchase data centre services from two different legal entities. As Serge Szrama explains, "We also wanted to separate the environments from one another geographically. But more importantly, we soon concluded from our discussions with Previder that they were able to provide a high degree of flexibility. They were able to provide everything we wanted. For example, they came up with the smart solution of establishing a direct data connection with the production environment at the other data centre. Everything is now connected to TReNT's fibre glass ring, including Domijn's offices. This normally takes a number of weeks to complete, but Previder was able to get things done quickly. And a good job too, otherwise we would have had problems with our planning."

Just how we wanted it

Serge Szrama is also extremely satisfied with Previder as a data centre partner in other respects. "Next week, we will be joining Domijn for a tour of Previder's data centre. From my own experience, I know just how impressive such a tour can be and the reassurance it can provide. The data centre is completely brand new and set up according to the highest standards, also when it comes to matters such as fire safety. This was certainly one of the reasons why we decided to go with Previder, as was the decisiveness and flexibility with which they dealt with our commission. Previder fulfilled all its promises and the price proved better than expected. But the main thing, of course, is that everything works as it should. After all, that is our main concern."

* Development, Test and Acceptance environment

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