Adver-Online in Heemstede is an experienced specialist in online personnel recruitment. The company helps customers publish job vacancies and can provide advice on choosing the most suitable online channel. Alongside this advisory role, Adver-Online also develops specific software in the area of recruitment, time registration and related processes. Adver-Online's customers include Wehkamp, NS, Specsavers, La Place, Slachtofferhulp and Macintosh Fashion.

High dependency on IT

The availability of IT systems is crucial for Adver-Online's activities, as Operational Director Martijn Faber tells us: "We make a living based on what we offer online. All of our software is provided on the basis of SaaS. In addition, we are currently busy working on the development of a new overarching platform that can be accessed through a single dashboard. Its success depends on the proper functioning of all underlying systems."

"Previder offers its own data centres as well as a cloud environment. There are not that many parties that do both."

- Martijn Faber, Operational Director at Adver-Online

Total solution

It was partly in view of the above that Adver-Online decided a while back to migrate to a high-quality private cloud environment. "We wanted to place all our systems in a total solution with one party. We also considered it essential that the solution could be quickly scaled up when necessary. At present, most of our activities are still based in the Netherlands, but we foresee a major roll-out abroad in 2016. Furthermore, we attach great importance to uptime. For us, the presence of two physically separated data centres - thus providing complete redundancy - was a key requirement."

Previder as partner

In its search for a suitable data centre partner, Adver-Online conducted its own market research. After commissioning an external party to carry out an analysis, Previder was the name that came to the fore. "I consider it a major advantage that Previder is based in the Netherlands and that we can discuss matters directly with specialists. Previder is also fairly unique as it not only provides its own data centres but also a cloud environment. There are not that many parties that do both. This means we only have to do business with one party. We were already enthusiastic right after their first presentation." In the period that followed, Previder designed a private cloud platform that can run in its entirety in a single data centre. This means that the complete platform can run on two hosts and that replication takes place between both of Previder's data centres.

Products/services supplied

  • Hybrid cloud environment with Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers
  • Dedicated storage environment
  • Managed Firewall
  • Monitoring, Management and Backup
  • Consultancy and project management

Hybrid cloud environment

To save on costs and simplify management for the customer, the design makes efficient use of both dedicated and shared components, as Martijn Faber explains: "All sensitive information – of which we have plenty as we work with a huge amount of personal data – is placed on dedicated servers. Everything that is less critical is placed on shared servers, meaning less management for us. This hybrid cloud environment gives us the best of both worlds. All in all, due to the complex nature of our domain, the entire project called for a considerable amount of preparation. We will be migrating in phases; also to avoid a situation in which a large proportion of job vacancy pages in the Netherlands stop working."

Extremely satisfied

Martijn Faber is very happy with the way that Previder has handled the project: "It all worked out very well, including the handover from sales to project management. Although we sometimes encountered certain challenges, our collaboration has been pleasant and constructive throughout. With Previder, we feel that we are more than just a ticket. We are very pleased with the overall service."

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