17 januari 2018
Previder scores an average of 8.0 in customer satisfaction survey
This score is remarkably high given the major changes within the company, including the merger with IT service provider Lesscher which was completed in April.
08 januari 2018
Previder is NEN 7510 certified and has been awarded three ISO certificates
We are proud that we have successfully passed the certification process for four areas at the same time.
28 november 2017
Data centre connectivity is more important than location
Data centres outside Amsterdam often offer better quality at lower costs.
10 oktober 2017
Previder strengthens its position as the greenest data centre in the Netherlands
In order to strengthen our sustainable position, we switched to 100 percent deep green electricity this year and expect to install our second data centre with solar panels in 2018.
26 september 2017
Previder to offer Azure Stack
Previder can implement Azure Stack for organisations both on site and in one of Previder’s data centres.
27 januari 2016
Disastrous cyber attacks are a constant threat
An attack on the internet in the Netherlands isn't really such a strange notion.
04 januari 2016
More European cloud cooperation needed in 2016
Netherlands and Germany lead the way?
04 december 2015
Data centre provider becomes sparring partner
The role of the data centre provider as a sparring partner for SaaS providers is a crucial element of this transition.
24 november 2015
Four data centre trends for 2016
The end of another year is almost upon us and now is an ideal time to look ahead to the future.
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