11 juni 2020

Datacentres and Certifications: What is What?

written by Pieter de Haer

Under normal circumstances, Thursday 11th June 2020 should once again have been the National Data Centre Day: a day when any interested parties can take a look around a data centre. But a virus which has nothing to do with computers thought otherwise and made us provisionally postpone the event to Tuesday 13th October. 


All of us at Previder were very disappointed about not being able to welcome you all on 11th June. Also because the National Data Centre Day is always a great opportunity for us to explain aspects which are important when choosing a data centre. For example, certificates and insurance reports provide a good indication of how a data centre provider handles themes such as quality, safety, availability and sustainability. We would still like to provide you with this data, so following is a brief overview of the certainties Previder can offer.


Basic Legislation

Every service provider in The Netherlands needs to meet certain quality requirements. These standards are further elaborated on in the Dutch Network and Information Systems Act (WBNI) for digital service providers. This law also provides guidelines in relation to security, availability and continuity.


General Standards

In addition to the fact that Previder complies with all the necessary basic legislation, we have also been granted the ISO 27001 Information Security and Management certification. As an extension to this, we are also NEN7510 certified, with a number of specific additions for data security in healthcare. The BIO (Government Baseline Information Security) certification is another extension to the IS027001 standard we comply with. Lastly, we are IS027017 and IS027018 certified too, with strict standards for cloud security and cloud privacy respectively.


Specific Certifications

We have also been granted specific certifications and authorisations, including: PCI DSS, for companies specialised in processing credit card transactions; GZN (Effectively Managed Healthcare Network), based on which we can connect healthcare providers’ information systems to the healthcare files’ National Switching Point (NSP).


Distinctive Transparency

Previder is obviously not the only provider who has been granted the previously mentioned certifications. However, we are distinctive in how we deal with these. The bigger international parties often provide little insight into what they do in practice to be awarded with these certificates. Previder’s customers can simply gain access to the periodic SOC 2 insurance reports, which clearly describe our protocols and measures. This type of transparency is highly valued by our customers and is what makes Previder a special provider in this market.



The certification which we deem to be very valuable, as it fits in so well with our corporate social responsibility vision, is the BREEAM certification with an 'Excellent' qualification. BREEAM is an independent assessment method which reviews buildings’ sustainability performance and 'Excellent' is the highest possible qualification. Our building, The Expo Business Park in Hengelo, was the first in The Netherlands to be built entirely in line with the BREEAM Excellent requirements.



There should be absolutely no doubt: Previder doesn’t just boast a multitude of relevant certifications, we also clearly demonstrate how we implement these. More and more organisations find it a reassuring combination of factors - a good reason to consciously opt for Previder as your IT partner.


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