14 augustus 2019

You can build a complete pipeline in PaaS+ with these DevOps tools

written by Previder

Paas+, the cloud platform for software developers, enables you to create an environment for different sorts of programming languages. The environments are automatically configured at the very beginning to facilitate web applications from the specific programming languages. This will allow you to set up applications via Repository, the Maven Build Node and the Marketplace, where user-ready packages such as Gitlab Server, GitBlit and Jenkins are available. This means you will have complete set tools available to realise your own DevOps Pipeline. I will review the different tools in this blog.


1. Unroll via Repository

One of the most important DevOps Pipeline functions is the possibility to unroll applications directly onto the Paas environment via a repository. Paas+ supports GIT and SVN repositories. When initiating the rollout, a connection is made between the application server or server cluster and a branch within the remote repository. Files from the specific branch are subsequently taken from the repository and unrolled across the application servers. Paas+ will also give you the opportunity to automatically control and change the remote repository and then roll them out automatically. You can set how often the repository needs to be checked for changes.


2. Maven Build Node

The Maven Build node can be added when unrolling a Java environment and this offers support when unrolling a Java web application from a remote repository. Maven collects the Java web application from the repository and compiles the files. The Maven Build node will subsequently transport the compiled web application to the application server. The web application will then be rolled out across the application server.


3. Marketplace

The Marketplace is a useful function within Paas+’s dashboard. Users can roll out ready-made packages which can support the DevOps pipeline from here. Examples of this are GitLab Server, GitBlit, Nexus Repository and Jenkins. An environment is automatically rolled out when you select a package from the Marketplace, in which the selected application is hosted in a Docker container or application server. This allows for the entire GitLab servers to be set up within a couple of minutes without installing a VPS (Virtual Private Server) in a lot of complicated and time-demanding steps. The only thing left for the user to do is to arrange the application according to specific requirements and wishes.


About Paas+

Paas+ is a complete set of services which developers can use to host and build applications. As Paas+ is a cloud-based solution, developers don’t need to worry about the installation and maintenance of servers, patches, upgrades and networks. This will allow developers to fully concentrate on creating new applications.


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