26 september 2017

Previder to offer Azure Stack

written by Pieter de Haer

Previder has expanded its portfolio with the implementation of Azure Stack, Microsoft’s new hybrid cloud technology. Previder can implement Azure Stack for organisations both on site and in one of Previder’s data centres, whereby a fast data connection to Azure can be established via ExpressRoute. Azure Stack is expected to be available in the Netherlands from the end of September.

Azure Stack enables companies to host an Azure cloud in their own data centre. The solution is linked to Microsoft’s Public Azure cloud so that users can also benefit from the flexibility of a public cloud. In addition, the services, management interface and user experience are the same for Azure Stack as for Public Azure which means that there is no difference between implementation on the two platforms for administrators.

Privacy-sensitive information

Azure Stack targets companies wishing to benefit from the services and flexibility of Azure Public whilst continuing to use an on-premises IT environment for certain applications and data. It is particularly suitable for organisations that handle large amounts of privacy-sensitive information, such as organisations within the government and healthcare sectors. In addition, Azure Stack could be of interest to ISVs wanting to run a test and development environment locally but who want to use Public Azure to deliver their SaaS applications worldwide.


Previder can implement Azure Stack on customers’ own premises or in one of Previder’s own data centres in the Netherlands. The Azure Stack environment can be directly connected to Azure Public via ExpressRoute. “Both environments can be linked to one another via ExpressRoute without going over the public internet,” explains Tim Timmerman, Previder’s director. “The advantage of this is that we can guarantee high data transmission speeds, low latency and optimum security of data traffic. Azure Stack and Azure Public are integrated safely and reliably, creating an ideal hybrid cloud environment.”

Previder distinguishes itself in the market by installing and managing Azure Stack on customers’ premises. The company has the right people, knowledge and experience to advise customers and build and manage their IT environments.

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