17 januari 2018

Previder scores an average of 8.0 in customer satisfaction survey

written by Pieter de Haer

Previder scores an average of 8.0 in its annual customer satisfaction survey. This score is remarkably high given the major changes within the company, including the merger with IT service provider Lesscher which was completed in April.

The customer satisfaction survey was conducted among Previder’s customers and partners. As a result of the merger with Lesscher IT earlier this year, Previder was able to significantly expand its range of services, which now includes online workspaces and the management of local infrastructures. Despite a turbulent year for the organisation, Tim Timmerman, Previder's director, is extremely satisfied with the results of the survey. “There was a lot more involved in the merger between Previder and Lesscher IT than we initially expected,” he explains, “but it also produces many advantages. We now function as a single company and work much more efficiently as a result. We can now provide companies with a complete managed IT package, from workspace to the cloud, to take care of all their needs. And our customers reap the benefits, as shown by a score of 8.0 in our customer satisfaction survey.”

Single point of contact

Over the past year, Previder’s goal was to bring the slightly lower satisfaction score we received from partners’ customers more in line with that of our direct customers. According to Timmerman, his company was able to do so in a short space of time by forming a merger between Lesscher IT and Previder. “By merging the companies, our customers now have a single point of contact for all their services. This has led to a noticeable improvement in our partners’ satisfaction within a year, which is a fantastic result.”

Satisfied customers

In its services, Previder places a great deal of emphasis on personal service based on a proactive and advisory role. This is also evident from comments received from customers. Customers and partners praise Previder and its employees for qualities such as technical knowledge, reliable service and their ability to maintain an overview in large-scale projects. This is supported by quotes such as: “Previder is a reliable partner who delivers a great deal of quality at reasonable costs” and “Very satisfied, there are never any disruptions and they always have a smile”.

Timmerman explains, “We aim to be a safe haven for companies in search of a reliable partner for all their IT issues. We expect to improve our position even further in 2018. We will do this partly through organic growth as well as through an even more intensive collaboration with partners and through strategic takeovers.”

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