02 april 2015

Previder goes International

written by Eric Vredeveldt

The Netherlands is internationally known for its highly favourable 'hosting climate' and has even become the fastest growing hosting country in the world. This development is reason enough for Previder not to limit its commercial vision to the confines of its own country. Over the next few years, we will be making our presence felt at international level more than ever, by positioning ourselves as a true competitor who is not afraid of challenging the established order. Our reasons for doing so are because we are more than capable of competing with the major players in all aspects of colocation, cloud and connectivity. And it's about time the world knew about it.

The international magazine Europe Outlook recently published an extensive article on Previder
Previder has gone from strength to strength since its 2006 acquisition by the Odin Group, and is now looking to introduce its reputable Datacenter and IT solutions to an international audience.

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More and more international organisations are deciding to move their sizeable ICT environments to data centres on Dutch soil. There are several reasons for this. The Netherlands enjoys a stable economy and a sound legislation in the area of data protection. The main internet exchange points can be found in the Netherlands, there is an abundance of relatively cheap power, and no other country has such a dense fibre glass network, which means we can offer high-speed internet literally anywhere.

The popularity of the Netherlands is no longer confined to the Randstand region; the mighty Google company, for example, built a 40-hectare data centre in Eemshaven in the province of Groningen. And Twente, another low-cost region, is also an ideal haven for locating cloud and data centre services. In addition, as an experienced specialist, Previder can also offer several additional advantages, such as state-of-the-art facilities that provide the highest level of continuity and operational reliability and countless possibilities to fulfil the most diverse range of customer requirements.

To support our international ambitions, we have already set up complete websites in English and German and will be further expanding this series with sites in other important world languages in the near future. And the best thing is that our efforts are bearing fruit. We have received several major requests from international companies and have every confidence in our future. Visit our international sites at www.previder.com and www.previder.com/de.

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