15 juni 2015

Previder proclaimed NetApp Hybrid Cloud Partner of the year FY15!

written by Esther Hassink

On 4 June, the NetApp Partner Awards were presented at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. The Partner Awards are a token of appreciation from NetApp for the on-going contribution and commitment of its partners. And there was good news: Previder was proclaimed the winner in the category Hybrid Cloud Partner of the year FY15!

"Previder has succeeded in capturing a unique position in the Dutch cloud market", NetApp tells us. This is because Previder provides a complete and stable infrastructure from its ultra modern data centres and with its own team of experts in accordance with the latest technologies and with plenty of scope for scaling up and innovating. As a result of its focused attention, high level of commitment and active market research over the past year, Previder made the strategic decision to use NetApp's full-SSD storage solution as the new standard for all its hybrid cloud services. Previder's director Eric Vredeveldt is also delighted with the award. He tells us, "It is always good if your suppliers consider you to be one of the leading parties they collaborate with. This isn't the type of recognition you would receive if you weren't successful in the market. On the one hand, it confirms the fact that we enjoy a good working relationship with our suppliers and, on the other hand, it confirms that we are the type of player in the market that can win these kinds of awards."

Winning the award opens up new and unique possibilities for Previder to achieve exponential growth in the area of cloud and hosting services based on its technology, expertise and commercial strength.

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