22 september 2015

Previder discusses HostingCon and the future of data centres

written by Esther Hassink

Previder, a Hengelo-based provider of data centre, cloud and connectivity services, sees HostingCon Europe as an opportunity to raise its profile among the general public. There, the company will have its own stand where it will present its unique proposition to the hundreds of visitors from the Netherlands and beyond who are expected to visit the fair in Amsterdam next week.

A data centre provider like Previder has a very broad customer base. Which target groups does the company want to reach out to during HostingCon and what is its key message? Eric Vredeveldt, Previder's CEO, talks to ISP Today.

"We can often be found at various trade fairs and have been hearing good things about the American edition of HostingCon for many years now. We therefore decided to attend the Amsterdam edition of the exhibition; also because we expect to encounter a very different group of visitors than we would at next month's Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt, for example, where we mainly meet end-users. At HostingCon, we want to come into contact with more hosting and cloud providers."

Cloud Expo Europe and HostingCon attract an international audience. Does Previder also have international customers?

"Most certainly! Due to our geographical location in the east of the Netherlands, it was only logical to start delivering to the German market. Our aim is to seek contact with more international providers via events, which, of course, does not imply that we are turning our back on the Netherlands. Interestingly, forty percent of our customers come from the Randstad area."

Why is Previder popular among customers from the Randstad where so many data centres are located?

"The main reasons are that we can provide a comprehensive twin data centre service and also offer high quality at low cost. Readers of ISP Today will already be familiar with the former. The second reason is simply due to the fact that it is cheaper to run a data centre in our region than it is in the Randstad. Furthermore, thanks to the universities in the area, we have access to well-trained IT staff. And, of course, let's not forget the work ethic of the people living here in Twente which is to remain level-headed and work hard. This is something which is greatly appreciated by customers from the west of the country."

You talked about having cloud providers as customers, but Previder itself offers IaaS services doesn't it?

"That's right. We also expect to talk to many cloud providers at HostingCon. What we can offer them on the basis of our twin data centre concept is two-fold. They can build their own cloud at our locations by taking advantage of our colocation services, but they can also use the facilities we have already set up for this purpose."

The latter sounds very much like cloud services.

"Indeed, and if you combine cloud services with colocation, you get something on which we are increasingly shifting our focus - the market for hybrid cloud solutions. For customers who already provide many of their services in the cloud, but who still have to host certain legacy applications in the traditional manner. Cloud services are becoming immensely popular, but there is still a great demand for physical servers. Looking back, I think that the market was far too optimistic about the time it would take to migrate all IT services to the cloud. What we can offer is more in keeping with actual market demands. However, alongside this, we are also investing in the future of cloud computing with our extremely fast full SSD cloud servers."

How do you see the future?

"I see the future for data centres as being very bright, not least because of the increasing importance of data centralisation. The Internet of Things (IoT) will play a significant role in this development. In addition, the popularity of SaaS will result in less and less of a need to keep data on the premises. This trend in data centralisation is opening up new ways of working, which in itself has a driving effect on further centralisation. Data centres play an essential role in all of this."

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