20 november 2015

Five years of Previder

written by Esther Hassink

Previder celebrates its fifth anniversary! Since its foundation, Previder has made a name for itself with its high performance twin data centre, hybrid cloud solutions and the outstanding personal service it provides.

We opened our first data centre, Previder PDC2, five years ago and this was followed by our second location, Previder PDC1, in 2013. With a total data floor area of 6,100 m2, we became the largest data centre provider in the Netherlands entirely in Dutch hands. Moreover, our twin data centre is extremely environmentally-friendly. One of the measures we have implemented is to use the residual heat generated by PDC1 to heat our offices. Our data centre is the first of its kind in the world to be awarded an Excellent rating from BREEAM for sustainability.

In addition to colocation, we also offer hybrid cloud services. We were even awarded the EuroCloud Award in 2011 for a successful customer case and this year we were voted NetApp Hybrid Cloud Partner of the year. This year, our infrastructure has been completely updated and equipped with full SSD storage. Our newly introduced service, Previder IaaS, has a user-friendly interface and a flexible pay-per-use payment model.


"Our fifth anniversary is an ideal occasion for us to look back on a number of highlights in our short history", explains Eric Vredeveldt, Previder's CEO. "For example, we have attracted several high profile customers, such as Ordina, Vitens and Reggefiber, who only choose the very best quality, and this makes us optimistic about the future. We are also nurturing ambitions on an international scale and are looking to expand rapidly in countries like Germany."

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