26 januari 2016

Above average satisfaction among Previder's customers

written by Esther Hassink

In its most recent customer satisfaction survey, Previder achieved particularly good results. Its customers awarded the quality of Previder's departments an average score of 7.6, leaving behind other data centre providers that conduct similar surveys.

The customer satisfaction survey was conducted among Previder's customers and partners who currently purchase services from its two carrier neutral data centres. Questions that customers were asked to answer concerned, among other things, how satisfied they were with the different departments at Previder (sales, service desk and order desk), how satisfied they were with the overall service provided and whether they would recommend Previder to others. Good scores were achieved on all these points. The competencies of the different departments were awarded an average score of 7.6. The Net Promotor Score (NPS) — which indicates the extent to which customers would recommend you to others — had an outcome of 26.

NPS score and feedback

Mark Hegeman, service manager at Previder, is extremely pleased with these positive results, particularly the high NPS score, which is an acknowledgement of the quality of the service provided. "The fact that our customers would not hesitate in recommending us to others is the best form of advertising a company could wish for", Hegeman explains. "It also confirms that our company is going in the right direction. Over the past year, we have implemented a range of measures to further improve the quality of our services, such as a new ticketing system, migrating our platform to full SSD storage, and introducing a new self service IaaS portal. You can now see this paying off."

Customers were also given the opportunity to provide feedback, enabling Previder to work on further improving the satisfaction of its customers in the coming year. Some customers took this opportunity to show their appreciation for the company, with particular mention being given to the transparent and service-minded attitude of the staff. "We will continue to work on enhancing the quality of our service. Good service and customer contact is one of the ways in which you can really stand out as a data centre provider", Hegeman tells us. "This is why customer satisfaction has our utmost priority.

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