Large companies and government organisations are among its clients. Besides colocation, Previder offers a broad range of cloud services and end-user connectivity.

Previder is part of the Odin group. With 300 employees, working in five IT companies in the Netherlands and Germany, it is one of the most financially healthy IT companies in the Netherlands.

Four reasons to choose Previder 

1A split second away

Thanks to their unique location and connection to AMS-IX and DE-CIX, latency in Europe is kept to a minimum. We are literally less than a split second away from Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam. Furthermore, all the main carriers are present in our data centres, making our data centres extremely accessible and attractive to customers.

2Readily available

Thanks to the modular structure of our data centres, our engineers can provide you with a rack, corridor or room in no time at all. This facilitates a quick time to market and enables you to respond flexibly to market demand.

3Smart pricing

Nowhere else will you find data centres with such an excellent price-quality ratio. We offer low electricity prices and competitive rates for your own suite or corridor. All this is made possible by our favourable location.

4Our people know your business

Our highly trained employees are on hand to provide assistance. These pure specialists do not hide behind procedures but form a dedicated and enthusiastic team who can quickly transform your challenges into reliable solutions.

In the news

Previder has gone from strength to strength since its 2006 acquisition by the Odin Group, and is now looking to introduce its reputable Datacenter and IT solutions to an international audience.

EuropeOutlook, Matthew Staff

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