Large companies and government organisations are among its clients. Besides colocation, Previder offers a broad range of cloud services and end-user connectivity.

Previder is part of the Odin group. With 300 employees, working in five IT companies in the Netherlands and Germany, it is one of the most financially healthy IT companies in the Netherlands.

Why choose Previder?

Previder is the largest Dutch-based and owned datacenter company. The two recently built carrier-neutral TIER III twin datacenters are located in between the two largest Internet Exchanges in the world: AMS-IX (Amsterdam) and DE-CIX(Frankfurt), with direct fiber connections to both.

The most important benefits for you are:

  1. You can connect to both Exchanges with low latency
  2. You only need one datacenter instead of two to connect to these Exchanges
  3. Thanks to its low-cost location outside the main cities of Amsterdam and Frankfurt, Previder offers rock-bottom prices for high quality colocation above sea level.

We facilitate all your colocating needs: racks, a cage or private suites and custom solutions.

In the news

Previder has gone from strength to strength since its 2006 acquisition by the Odin Group, and is now looking to introduce its reputable Datacenter and IT solutions to an international audience.

EuropeOutlook, Matthew Staff

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